7 Water Damage Causes When You Need To Hire Water Damage Restoration Service

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Storms and incessant rain are secondary reasons to cause water damage in your home while many people think they are the primary ones. Mostly, old plumbing and leaky appliances actually lead to water damage. And getting professional water damage restoration service is the only way to rescue your premises from such a disastrous condition. Here we are discussing the most prominent causes apart from storms and flooding that cause water damage in your home.

7 Causes Of Water Damage When you Need Water Damage Restoration Service

  1. Plumbing System Leaks

A leak in your home’s plumbing system can be a major cause of unexpected flooding and water damage. Unless you replace old and worn water pipes at the right time it can end up getting leaks in several places, inducing the threat of flooding. In fact, faulty plumbing systems lead to irreparable damage since these pipes are installed throughout your home.

  1. Gutters And Downspout Clogging

Even if your roof is strong enough to withstand any challenging situation, standing water could in any way damage your attic. In case you overlook routine cleaning, rainwater could clog the gutters and downspouts of your roof badly affecting the ceiling and attic. However, getting a water damage restoration service at the right time can restore its old form.

  1. Old And Faulty Appliances

Old and malfunctioning home appliances are undeniably red flags as they can potentially lead to serious water damage at your home. Heavy electronic gadgets like washing machines, water heaters, HVAC, etc leak droplets that not only lead to damp patches on your walls but also expose your home to the risk of short circuits. Further, those damp patches can invite mold infestation degrading your home’s integrity. 

  1. Blocked Toilets

This issue generally occurs when a toilet is frequently used or solid things get dumped by flushing more than one time. As a result, the toilet overflows and floods your bathroom, causing water damage and mold issues. And that’s another circumstance where you need the help of a professional water damage restoration service.

  1. Pipe Burst

During winters, old and rusted pipes have a high chance to burst out when the water in it freezes, expanding the pipe. A pipe burst leaves an adverse effect by drowning your home’s basement. So getting professional damage restorer help as soon as possible is the only thing you must think about.

  1. Water Tanks And Septic Tanks

Properties tend to meet water damage issues the more they age. And do you know why? Because old structures like water tanks and safety tanks leak water increasing the moisture level in your home. However, with help of a professional water damage restoration service you can solve the issue in no time. And when your home is flooded with sewage water, you need to get professional support as early as possible. Apart from cleaning and drying your property, they instantly employ preventive measures to halt further damage.

  1. Running Water

Water dripping from your faulty taps in your bathroom and kitchen can cause water damage as well. When wooden and concrete surfaces come in contact with water and excess moisture, your home could start showing signs of water damage. But taking the necessary steps, like seeking professional aid at the right time can stop the damage and improve the condition of your home.

Well, these are a few prominent circumstances when you should get a water damage restoration service. Contact us through our official website to get our professional bathroom renovation services, kitchen remodeling services Santa Monica, mold damage restoration Santa Monica, and home renovation services. Also, visit our blog section to read more blogs on topics like Home Renovation Companies.


What do professionals do to stop water damage?

Professional water damage restorers use different restoration steps to present water damage. First, plan a well-structured home, and then they use the best quality building materials to make it robust and long-lasting.

Is hiring professional restorers totally worth it?

Professional restorers are firstly experienced and have knowledge regarding construction, and damage management. What’s more, they have high-tech gadgets that not only make them prompt but also potent to complete to work perfectly.