Some Steps Of Water Damage Mitigation Followed By Professional Renovators 

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Water damage can adversely affect your home if you fail to take timely action. Besides that, standing water and trapped moisture may affect your home’s expensive furnishings. It may also cause electrical short circuits in your water-damaged home. This type of damage is caused by various reasons, which include natural disasters like flash floods, pipe bursts, damaged sewers, and many others. But if you face anything like this, then you don’t have to stress your mind. You can very easily restore your home to its pre-loss condition. 

By simply availing of the Water Damage Mitigation services from our professional renovators at Modern Remodel. The professionals execute sequential steps to restore your property easily. Want to know about these steps in more detail? Continue to read this write-up until the end without skipping a single line.

Getting The Water Damage Mitigation Water Damage Mitigation Services from Modern Remodel

5 Sequential Steps, They Execute To Make Your Property New

Here, listed below, are all five sequential steps that the restoration experts at Modern Remodel follow to make your water-damaged home look like a new one. 

Step 1: Water Damage Inspection 

Water Damage Mitigation begins with a thorough water damage assessment. The professional renovators visit your property and try to detect the source of the water damage. This kind of inspection is done when the source is hard to detect. 

Once they detect the source of water seepage into your property. They mark that area on the blueprint of your house. But if your home gets damaged due to any kind of natural disaster, like flash floods, in that case, the experts consider every area of your home that has been soaked due to the flood. 

Step 2: Remove Standing Water Using Vacuums

Once they detect the source of the water damage in your home, the professionals begin with the extraction of the stagnant water. They use high-powered vacuum pumps to extract the water from your home. The professionals use wet vacuums to extract the surface water. The specialist may also use an infrared thermal device to uncover hidden pockets of saturation behind walls. The residual water is still left behind, even after vacuuming. 

Step 3: Dry The Wet Areas

In the third step, the professional renovators use types of equipment such as heavy-duty fans and top-notch dehumidifiers to dry and dehumidify the affected areas. Aside from using this equipment, the professional renovators open the windows of the house to increase the circulation of air in the room. However,  Water Damage Mitigation can take time if your property is heavily damaged. It’s completely how badly your property got damaged. 

Step 4: Clean And Sanitize The Floors 

Cleaning and sanitizing are the most crucial steps of water damage restoration. The professional executes this step very minutely. Water damage brings mold spores with it, and if, any spores are left behind, they will further damage the walls of your newly restored home. The professional uses these sanitizing agents to kill the hidden spores of the mold. 

Further, this cleaning agent kills the bacteria and fungi that also come along with the water damage. They also use deodorizing agents to kill the marshy smell caused by water damage. This will again make your home fit for a happy life.

Step 5: Repair And Reconstruct 

Lastly, the restoration experts discard all the water-damaged home items, because if they keep them, it may cause mold damage. The experts also try to repair the less damaged appliances. Say, for instance, they discard the carpets and other damaged wooden goods in your home. These items mostly carry mold spores, which can be removed in the dehumidification and sanitizing steps. So it’s better to discard this item and bring the new items home. 

So here are all five steps that professional renovators at Modern Remodel follow during water damage mitigation. They execute each step very carefully so that they can restore your home to its pre-loss condition. Moreover, if you find these steps useful from the renovators at Modern Remodel, then do visit our official website and explore more of our services like home Insurance reclamation service, damage restoration services, and insurance reclamation Service