Budget Friendly Mod Kitchen And Bath Renovation Ideas 

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At a certain point in time, everything needs upgrading or renovation.  And when  you are refurbishing your home, make sure to start with your kitchen! Since these two areas are the central parts of your home, upgrading them into a mod kitchen and bath can increase your home’s value 10 times more! Read this blog till the end to explore some Jaw dropping bathroom and kitchen remodeling ideas within your budget!

The Top 6 Mod Kitchen And Bath Renovation Ideas 

  1. Update your kitchen splashback

Upgrading your kitchen splashback is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to give your kitchen a new look. Your kitchen splashback tiles must be replaced with new ones, as this area catches greasy stains the most while you cook. During mod kitchen and bath renovations, if in any way you fall short of money and time, you can choose to upgrade the splashback by giving it a coat of paint instead of replacing your tiles. And if you want to add something more, you can go for a wall design after the paint.

  1. Choosing New Cabinets For Your Remodel

While renovating your old kitchen, incorporating some new designer cabinets will be a great idea to enhance its look. Kitchen cabinets are the most budget friendly item of your renovation process, you can easily add them even if you are on a tight budget. You can also go for the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, which come in flat packs along with the tools needed to assemble them. This type of cabinet is easy to install in your kitchen, and you don’t need to call a renovator to install these cabinets, which will save on labor costs.

  1. Add New Luxury Appliances 

Adding luxury appliances to your newly renovated kitchen will make it look more elegant. The appliances include a wall mounted microwave oven, a dishwasher, a fully automated kitchen chimney,etc.  The modern kitchen appliances not only add beauty to your new kitchen but also help you a lot when cooking, or you can simply say that they increase the efficiency of your kitchen.  If you have a limited budget, then you can opt for the semi automated kitchen appliances, which will save your pocket and help you stay within your budget.

  1. Change The Shower Location

When you are planning to remodel your bathroom, changing the shower location can do wonders. Basically, most orthodox bathrooms have a combination bathtub and shower; this actually shortens your bathroom space, which will make your bathroom look smaller. By upgrading your old shower into a shower panel that is completely separate from your bathroom, you can add a more gorgeous look to the bathroom at the time of mod kitchen and bath renovation.You can also add some spot lights on the walls, giving your bathroom a more premium look.

  1. Flooring of your bathroom

The flooring of your bathroom plays a very significant role in capturing the attention of your visiting guests. If you replace your classic black and white chess box style hexagon pattern tiles with 3D floor paint, it will give your bathroom an amazing look.You can also add some 3D wallpaper of water falls or dolphins to make your bathroom more eye-catching.

  1. Mirror At Your Bathroom Wall

A mirror is another important aspect that enhances the look of your bathroom. During the renovation, if you miss the mirror, then your renovation will stay incomplete. A small old mirror can ruin the look of your newly renovated bathroom. So while renovating, make sure to replace your old mirror with a freeform one. You can also add some led lights in the back of your mirror to get an aura effect in your bathroom.

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